IT services

Datacenter / Infrastructure

datacenterThe infrastructure is the fundament of all systems. Servers, telephony, security systems and even printers rely on this layer. Proper design and continuos optimization is a must for a smooth operation.
Thanks to our virtualization models the underlying structure can be used to multiple purposes without interfering with different solutions.
The design is done layer to layer, so implementing a new topology can be done quick and easily. Redundant systems, and alternative structures can avoid outages by automatically detect and correct failures, add new capacities on demand.

  • Datacenter, network design using current technologies
  • Cost effective DMVPN and MPLS solutions
  • Server integration (Windows/Unix/Linux/OSX Server)
  • Load balancing technologies
  • Cloud computing
  • IP telephony integration and operation
  • Campus connections
  • Internet


Web developmentRegistry software, billing systems, database applications, intranet and internet websites. These are common solutions, and are used in everyday business.
We develop unique, scalable systems, let it be a small webshop or a complex order management software.

  • Application development
  • Web development
  • Background programming


FirewallProtecting the whole system from attacks and data theft is very important and must be integrated at design period. Critical data is present everywhere and weak points of the system can open doors for intruders.
Our solutions seamlessly integrate with the infrastructure. We assure data integrity and security by encryption, multi-level filtering, intrusion detection systems, and proper monitoring.

  • Firewall services
  • Intrusion detection / prevention systems
  • Security audit and consulting


OperationsMonitoring is essential for complex systems. Basics of IT operation include the root cause analysis which in term helps to avoid future issues, speeds up troubleshooting and enhances availability.
Summary: we solve the issues before it happens to be a problem for the customer.
We can integrate new or extant systems into the monitoring and reporting service. With event and trend analysis mitigation of problems and identification of weak points is not a issue anymore.

  • Remote monitoring of servers, telecommunication equipment, applications, network devices
  • Ad-hoc and flat-rate maintenance
  • Incident analysis
  • Backup solutions
  • Integration, consulting, audit