Welcome to our FUT (Frequently Used Tools) page. You are welcome to use it, just please don't poop here.

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Cisco password decoder

This tool can be used to decrypt the so-called weak (type 7) passwords used by Cisco. You should use this tool only for educational / research purposes.

DNS resolver

A tool for checking DNS records. It is automatically detected whether the query is an FQDN or an IP address (reverse lookup).

Whois query

For querying the RFC 3912 database. It is automatically detected whether the input is an FQDN or an IP address / range.

Ping party

This tool sends ICMPv4 or ICMPv6 echo request packets and displays the response.

E-mail MIME header decoder

An RFC 2047 Email MIME Decoder. It displays localized strings encoded with US-ASCII characters in readable form.

Decimal - dotted decimal converter

This tool converts between decimal and dotted decimal representations of 32-bit numbers (vice versa). The format is automatically recognized.


It converts between the ASN representations described in RFC 5396. Useful for 32-bit BGP ASN planning. The formats are automatically recognized.

Full mesh node calculator

It calculates the number of nodes in a full mesh network topology by specifying the number of connections.